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We understand that every client is unique. We also understand that the challenges you face, although universal in nature, are as different as, and influenced by, the fingerprints in your organization. That’s why every VisionQuest solution, intervention, or learning experience is customized and tailored to your specific audience, your specific challenges, and your specific objectives.

Our comprehensive collection of services has everything you need to operate successfully in a dynamic global marketplace. From keynote speaking to implementing large-scale change initiatives and more, our experience and history of successes enable VisionQuest to bring agility and accountability back to your business.


Karl is a dynamic and entertaining keynote speaker. His ability to combine motivation, inspiration, and education makes him a perfect choice for opening or closing conferences and events.
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Interactive learning, participant engagement, and customer focus are the foundation for every New Reality workshop. Let Karl’s wit and wisdom educate and motivate your associates.
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Meeting Facilitation: The Meeting Guy

Productivity, problem solving, participant engagement, and results increase dramatically when you add expert facilitation to any meeting.
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Executive Coaching

Executive and manager coaching spur individual development, which exponentially improves team, department, or division performance.
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VisionQuest provides a wide range of consulting services including: change leadership for major information technology initiatives, company-wide change initiative integration, communication planning, performance management, leadership development, and more. To learn more about all we can do for you click or call 317-858-1944.

Trusted by corporations, charities, governments, healthcare entities, and more.

Unique clients with unique challenges who experienced unique, effective solutions

"Karl has a unique ability to engage people to look at their ability to impact change and drive results. He is someone that I recommend when looking to drive change in any organization."

Rachel Macha Executive Leader

"Karl’s message about The New Reality, while sobering, is also relevant in these times. It's a wake-up call and builds a foundation within an organization to leverage its own waves of change."

Michael Nutter Senior Director, Convergys

"I highly recommend Karl to anyone that wants to take a team to new heights, increase accountability and do so in a way that builds sustained results - even with the most resistant of participants."

Jennifer Paauwe-Riffe Senior Human Resources Consultant

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