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Karl is a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker, with a unique blend of enthusiasm and expertise that allows him to be entertaining and educational. His passion and conviction help clarify and emphasize key messages, while his focus on behavior change and productivity drives participants to take action. His ability to establish immediate rapport with any group to create a supportive learning environment engages and motivates. Karl’s adaptability makes him the perfect choice for opening, closing, or facilitating conferences, sales meetings, and corporate events of all kinds. His Change Adaptiveness means he can deliver in any time format, to any audience, and meet any client objectives.

Topic: Seize Change
Topic: Default Behavior
Topic: Resistance
Keynote Topics Include: The New Reality. Leadership in the New Reality. The New Reality Master’s Series. The Value of Commitment. How to Develop High-Performing Teams. Keynotes can also be tailored to themes such as: leadership, coaching, teamwork, collaboration, associate engagement, customer focus, culture change, and more.

Trusted by corporations, charities, governments, healthcare entities, and more.

Unique clients with unique challenges who experienced unique, effective solutions

Chase Intel
"Karl’s message about The New Reality, while sobering, is also relevant in these times. It's a wake-up call and builds a foundation within an organization to leverage its own waves of change."

Michael Nutter Senior Director, Convergys

"I highly recommend Karl to anyone that wants to take a team to new heights, increase accountability and do so in a way that builds sustained results - even with the most resistant of participants."

Jennifer Paauwe-Riffe Senior Human Resources Consultant

"Karl has a unique ability to engage people to look at their ability to impact change and drive results. He is someone that I recommend when looking to drive change in any organization."

Rachel Macha Executive Leader

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