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Meeting Facilitation: The Meeting Guy

Effective meeting facilitation is part art, part science, and part entertainment. Karl Schoemer delivers all of these, bringing more than 20 years of experience to help any organization suffering from “meeting fatigue.” Hire Karl to conduct department meetings, executive meetings, or board-level retreats and see dysfunction disappear while efficiency, problem solving, and decision making soar. Bring Karl in to coach leaders on how to run effective meetings and engage associates in problem solving and see morale and productivity rise.

Karl is The Meeting Guy. Visit to find out more.

Meetings are better with a facilitator who adds direction and clarity. Grounded in 20 years of helping clients create more Change Adaptive cultures, Karl is highly skilled in building frank, meaningful dialog that results in better outcomes for your customers. He infuses every meeting with participant-led problem solving and increased customer focus. Karl’s experience coaching high-performing teams using Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model equips him to improve the impact of any meeting he leads.
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“Karl has helped our executive team have meaningful, candid and productive discussions that result in specific actions our team can execute. His unique ability to ask the ‘tough questions’ and hold participants accountable for answering them ensures closure of complex issues. He has also transferred skills to our team that allow us to problem solve on our own. Discussions that can sometimes take several meetings have been reduced to hours.” Melissa A. Greenwell, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Finishline Inc.

“Karl presented his New Reality workshop to a group of my senior leaders and he exceeded expectations. I would highly recommend Karl to anyone ready to face the realities of change.” Scott Bosch, President & CEO, Harrison Medical Center

“I highly recommend Karl to anyone who wants to take a team to new Heights, increase accountability, and do so in a way that builds sustained results — even with the most resistant of participants.” Jennifer Paauwe-Riffe, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Cintas Corporation

Trusted by corporations, charities, governments, healthcare entities, and more.

Unique clients with unique challenges who experienced unique, effective solutions

IRS Ford
"Karl's expert content turned a roomful of skeptical employees into enthusiastic supporters. His intelligence, values and business acumen make it a privilege to have him as a business partner."

John Rannalletta Senior Consultant, ADVISA

"Karl’s workshops are fast paced, energizing, and thought provoking. He can communicate The New Reality message and get people to embrace it at every level of the organization."

David Goodnight Senior Vice President, Lexmark

"Karl has a unique ability to engage people to look at their ability to impact change and drive results. He is someone that I recommend when looking to drive change in any organization."

Rachel Macha Executive Leader

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