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Every VisionQuest workshop is built on interactive learning and participant engagement. Key messages are delivered in an entertaining yet educational manner designed to create dialog and challenge participants to think. All participants receive an interactive learning roadmap that allows them to process and record key messages as well as create personal, specific actions. Participants are also given one of Karl’s handbooks as a takeaway resource that contributes to sustainable behavior change.

Every VisionQuest workshop provides entertaining and educational interactive learning that gets results!

This Is About You
Another Meeting
What Did You Learn?

The New Reality Workshop

The time for managing change is over. In our fast-paced global economy, the new expectation is to seize change and make it work for you — actually make change part of your individual and organizational competitive edge. This half-day workshop explores the change process, along with guidelines and strategies you can use immediately. And with The New Reality Handbook, you’ll be able to continue applying these principles. Our ultimate goal is to help you take advantage of the new opportunities brought to you daily as a result of today’s constant, complex change.

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Additional Objectives: Download the PDF

The New Reality Booster Session

The time for managing change is over. In today’s fast-paced global economy, the new expectation is to seize change and make it work for you — actually make change part of your individual and organizational competitive edge. This program reviews, refreshes, and reinforces key messages from The New Reality to focus directly on application. It provides a framework for integrating The New Reality strategies and creating a more customer-focused, Change Adaptive culture.

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Leadership in The New Reality

Leadership is different today. Engaging associates is paramount to company success in this constantly changing environment. Tapping into the intellect, creativity, and innovation of every associate to create ever better outcomes for customers is a prime responsibility of leaders. This half-day workshop helps leaders redefine expectations, share the right type of communication with associates, and clarify and re-align rewards as well as consequences.

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The New Reality Problem-Solving and Effective Meetings Workshop

At VisionQuest, we believe organizational culture is all about behaviors — the behaviors that are expected, allowed, and rewarded. We also believe each employee at every level is paid to be a problem solver for the customer. In most organizations, behaviors and problem solving intersect in meetings.

On average, 17 million meetings occur in the United States every day. There is wide agreement that up to 50% of those meetings are unproductive, ineffective, often dysfunctional, and usually boring. This is where our workshop can help.

The New Reality Problem Solving and Effective Meetings Workshop improves dialog, outcomes, problem solving, and teams by:

  • Democratizing the problem-solving and decision-making processes
  • Installing the “operating system” of effective meetings
  • Equipping participants to develop and protect the best ideas in the room
  • Focusing every meeting on customer-centered outcomes
  • Increasing ownership by increasing input.

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Developing High-Performing Teams

This workshop helps teams — new or existing, at any organization level — build the skills and processes to work together more efficiently while creating better outcomes for your customers. VisionQuest applies the 5-step pyramid process popularized by Patrick Lencioni in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. We add this model to VisionQuest’s experience in combining people, process, dialog, and problem solving for increased team effectiveness.

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The New Reality Master’s Series

  • Coaching Strategies for Design, Default, and Defiant Behaviors
  • Understanding Schemas: Coaching to Perceptions
  • The Payoff Matrix: Rewards and Consequences in Decision Making
  • Defining Accountability in The New Reality
  • Redefining Performance in The New Reality
  • Locus of Control: Understanding Your Own Perceptions
  • Creating the Perfect New Reality Associate: An Artistic Exercise
  • Observer vs. Actor: Understanding Your Role in Affecting Others’ Behavior
  • Control the Controllables: Acquisition and Fluency Building
  • The Phases of Resistance: Team Evaluation, Discussion, and Action Plans
  • Performance Management: Connecting Performance Management to The New Reality Mindset
  • Old Game vs. New Game: The New Rules in The New Reality
  • Coaching in The New Reality
  • New Reality Conversations.

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The New Reality Change Roadmap

The New Reality Change Roadmap is a strategic illustration of how and why change and change initiatives succeed or fail. It explains — in detail — the flashpoints of change and how to successfully drive change initiatives to fruition. The New Reality Change Roadmap is an innovative and comprehensive way to apply the New Reality mindset to strategic organizational change.

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David Goodnight Senior Vice President, Lexmark

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